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We believe that our clients are a fundamental part of the design process and we collaborate. Construction is a process which consists of assembling or building infrastructure.
A unique combination of engineering and construction.
Developing our client's dream space for their business.
We’ve constructed some of the most iconic projects.
June 2011
In June of 2011 Neil Pietrok founded Pietrok Engineering.
October 2012
In October of 2012, Pietrok Engineering won civil engineering IDIQ for the US Forest Service.
January 2014
In January of 2014, Neil became an on-call consultant for the Beaverton School District.
February 2015
In February of 2015, Neil became an on-call civil engineer for the National University of Natural Medicine.
May 2015
In May of 2015, the work began on the Cully Park Project.
April 2016
In April of 2016, Pietrok Engineering began work with Westside Christain High School.
August 2018
In August of 2018, Pietrok Engineering launched their new website to showcase the projects and accomplishments in the community.
Neil's philosophy is based on a conceptual approach inspired by vision and design

Construction equipment, engineering, planning and innovation

For more than 23 years, Neil has earned one of the finest reputations for construction engineering service that achieve our client’s vision

Neil is a problem solver and team builder. With over 32 years of Civil Engineering and Project Management experience, he has successfully managed every type of civil engineering project imaginable. His clients’ needs are at the forefront of his company. He has implemented creative solutions to his clients’ challenges while providing an exceptional customer experience through projects ranging from under $25,000 to over $80 million.

Civil engineering projects often require collaboration with other disciplines, many of which are unforeseen. Neil, with his vast experience, is adept at helping clients navigate these challenges, from completing the correct permits to his familiarity with the many jurisdictions and recommendations from other professionals and working with contractors to adjust to field conditions. In his years in the Engineering Profession, Neil has built up a substantial portfolio of projects and contacts with other professionals in the management, design, technology, and science industries. With this experience, Neil is always able to find the right resource needed at the right time, instilling confidence in his ability to produce positive outcomes on all of his projects.

Neil earned a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Portland and currently holds Professional Engineering licenses in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, Arizona, and Colorado and has an active NCEES Record for licenses in the rest of the United States. Pietrok Engineering and Resources is a member of BESThq, a small business collaborative focusing on Community, Sustainability, Charity, and MWESB growth.

In his spare time, Neil is a passionate volunteer for young engineers for the STEM Connect Program; is an Eagle Scout mentor and merit badge counselor for the Cascade Pacific Council for Scouts America; volunteers and is a mentor for new parents for Cochlear Americas. When not volunteering, you will find Neil working on his property, tending to his vegetable garden, pruning his multiple fruit trees, canning, and undertaking general landscaping projects including building an outdoor kitchen/barbecue pit on his property. He also enjoys working on DIY projects or lending a helping hand to his neighbors. Neil’s love for the outdoors, sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained, and especially inspiring our youth to reach their potential, is truly inspiring.

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Experienced in local to state government projects, based on the western region of the United States. Some of those states include Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Montana.


Experienced in implementing creative solutions with commercial projects which include, but not limited to site expansions, quality improvements and floodplain management.


Experienced in the education sector with both k-12 and college level projects that include needs for design, implementation and improvements. Projects include track design and ADA improvements.